rake surfboards: Apple Tint. Yessss!


rake surfboards: Assorted Tails. I think (hope?) that the top one is headed my way…

The top 20 data visualisation tools | Feature | .net magazine. Posting this for me, mainly. Charts are awesome.

Disappointing Children » Wes Anderson is the new Tim Burton.

Terms of Service; Didnt Read. Right down my alley, my paranoid, nerdish alley.

Hey, so http://travel.internev.com/ is a cool place to look at cool pictures taken by a cool dude on a cool holiday. Cool.

KmikeyM.com. So my share portfolio is growing in… unusual ways. I love the idea, and I vow to be a force for good!

Duolingo | Learn English, Spanish and German for free. A quixotic quest perhaps, but I like the cut of their jib (this sentence counts as “difficult” in the translation stakes).

Prismatic <— invitation link open for 24 hours only. Not sure if I’m supposed to blog about it or just send it to friends but eh, this site has no traffic any more…

Presto.fm – Free Music, Listen to Streaming Music Online on Presto Radio. So some friends of mine have built this brilliant music discovery sort of thing. I’ve been fortunate enough to have beta access so I’ve been using it for some time.

To get up and running quickly, just type in a few bands you like and it’ll put together a mix of some of their stuff, but also other bands in a similar vein that you might enjoy. Then you can use one of these new bands as a jumping off point for a whole new slew of recommendations. I’ve discovered countless bands, really esoteric stuff, using this service and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Billy Corgan gets in a nasty Internet fight with a guitar pedal engineer and trans advocate | Music | Newswire | The A.V. Club Chicago. Billy Corgan is a dick.

Three Key Things Google Is Doing While We Focus on Google+ | Digital – Advertising Age. Interesting, specially the first point about article ownership across multiple sites.

Own your identity – Marco.org. (ac) Boy oh boy do I agree with this. If Google+ takes over Facebook as the social network du jour, how are you going to get all your excellent “content” out?

The Millions : The Year of Wonders.

Vice Style » News » JAPANESE BAGELHEADS. Mmm, bagels.

I know I haven’t been posting super-regularly of late. This is largely because I’ve joined the crew over at Disappointing Children and have been posting things over there. I’ll still put up links here every so often but for more regular updates from myself and a small coterie of others, visit the excellent and amazing Disappointing Children!

Are Big Wave Surfer’s Taking Cue From the Ski Industry’s Avalanche Airbag Systems?. (dh) A great idea but I do have a couple of issues: If you’re really deep, the sort of decompression you’ll suffer on the way up isn’t going to be super healthy (I think?) and what happens if you’re surfing a break with a sheer rock face way on the inside. You’ll be bobbing around like a cork for the wave to do as it pleases – you certainly won’t be able to dive under waves. It also might give less fit/experienced surfers confidence to go out on really big days, thereby making it more dangerous for everyone. That said, I’d certainly wear one if it got big and I still wanted to surf!

YouTube – Russian Prison System Documentary.

It’s an hour and change but worth every second. Fascinating, terrifying, heartbreaking.

Seriously, kindles are awesome. I don’t generally get too excited about gadgets any more – anything with an “i” at the start is pretty much guaranteed to plunder your privacy (and dignity) and most other companies can’t seem to make hardware that’s half as good as apple’s. The one exception I’ve found is amazon’s kindle. It’s a delight (so long as I tell myself that turning off wifi means they can’t invade my privacy…).

A Complete Guide to Seinfelds Sneakers | Complex. Amazing.

Roseanne Barr: And I Should Know.

Paper Tigers.

YouTube – Wipeout Season 4 : Best of ep. 1 to 3.

Is that snow or some sort of foam?

Txt Post – The Invisible Scent. You can check out his currently available perfumes here. I’m intrigued and am planning on getting a few samples…

YouTube – 10 Genres of Metal in 3 Minutes.

So good! There’s a tab of it here.

Guernica / Of Mines and Men.

Lina Medina – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Yvettes Wedding Dresses Panama City Florida Yvettes Yvettes. Brace yourself.

CABINET // Caveman: An Interview with Michel Siffre. Remarkable!