Internev is Neville Challinger: Version 3

Internev Version 3Well here we are. This is the new site, I hope you like it.

I decided to switch from Movable Type to WordPress for a number of reasons. MT isn’t nearly as well supported as WP and my host, Lunarpages, includes an install of WP as standard. I’ve been messing with WP for a while in a test installation, trying to get my own theme built (and learning php in the process) and I think it’s now about ready for full time use. There’s still plenty of hokey bits but I’ll fix them up sooner or later.

Probably the biggest change from your perspective is that I’m enabling comments on most posts now. Managing spam made it too much of a hassle in MT but there are plenty of plugins which should help with the problem in WP. You’ll need to register and be approved by me once, but after that you’ll be free to comment as much as you please. I’ve no doubt you’ll all have intelligent remarks and sage commentary to add.

I’ll also be adding tags to posts, so this post has the tag “internev” because it’s about the site. Other posts will have appropriate tags relating to the content of the posts (“audio“, “writing” etc) which should help you find old posts even if you can’t think of any keywords. If you’re a contributor, you’ll get your own special tag for any links you submit that I post (I’m looking at you, tp). Combined with a functional search* it should be much easier to find old posts in the future.

Related to tags, there are a two main categories of posts: Link and Content!. Link is, as you’d expect, a link. It displays on the site with minimum information (title, tags and categories hidden) to maintain a clean look (they’re still there and will be usable when searching/visiting favourite tags) and Content! is for original stuff which I’ll actually write. I know, I’m surprised too – that’s why it’s got an exclamation point after it. Content posts will include a bit of extra information under the post. This post is categorised as Content!

WP makes it a lot easier to work with different types of media, so I might start embedding video and stuff instead of linking to it. If you have strong feelings one way or another, let me know in the comments.

Finally there’s the slight change to the visuals of the site. I got rid of the all the black, sadly the antelopes had to go as well, and messed around with some more interesting (to me at least) css stuff. I’m unreasonably proud of the colour bar up the top layered under the “Internev” text. Further visual updates are planned.

That’s it really, the update was mostly to entertain myself (as is the whole site) but I hope you find it a bit nicer to use somehow. And I hope the RSS feed works properly.

*sadly most of the old posts aren’t functioning too well with the new search but they didn’t work with the old one so you haven’t lost anything!


One Response to “Internev is Neville Challinger: Version 3”

  1. Chiewy says:

    Nice work. I can see titles in my Google Reader now (previously was Title Unknown for all your posts)